Friday, January 23, 2009

Wolverines Show Strengths In The Classroom

Fourty-Three members of this years Wolverines Football team recently have been acknowledged for their success in the classroom.

Taner Boucher, Nicholas Callioras, Robert Carbone, Nathan Cook, Jeffrey Fairbrothers, Alex Frazier, Matt Gallery, Travis Ianetta, Isaiah Kempf, Michael Lamarque, Jerry Nelson, Schuyler Waterhouse, Nathan Webb, and Thomas Whyld all earned High Honors.

The following each earned honors: Eric Agyeman, Sean Bostic-Sealy, Sean Brine, Pat Daley, George Dodd, Shane Ferguson, Stephen Ferriter, Kent Fessette, Anthony Fitts, Nadjee Harrigan, Buddy Leathley, Joe Madonna, Patrick McGrath, Patrick Miller, Alex Monetta, Joe Robichaud, Patrick Royce-Cloney, Mitchell Ryder, Korey Sullivan, Ethan Sylvain, Nicholas Thieme, Michael Wheeler, Jarrett White, and Robert Williams.

In addition the following players each received an individual honor for their performance in a specific subject: Joe Robichaud, Sammy Davis, Julian McClain, Ethan Sylvain, Shane McMahon, Anthony Fitts, Pat Daley, Alex Spradlin, Sam Cook, Marquise Ruffin, and Patrick Miller.

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