Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day of Triple Sessions

The Wolverines wrap up their last day of triple sessions as tomorrow the rest of the class of 2009 arrive on campus, an exciting day here in North Bridgton. Starting next week these young men get underway with the academics that they came here for and they quickly learn how to balance school, football, and daily life.

Skyler Schlenker (#46), of Hanover, NH- leading the team through Bridgton Jacks

Head Football Coach Rick Marcella getting ready for practice

Coach Burgess working the running backs on a drill

Buddy Leathley (#4) one of the Wolverine QB's running a drill

Giovanni Clayborne (#36), Craig Richardson (#54) and Jordan Bean (#53) working out with Coach Daley keeping watch.

Thomas Whyld (#12) our "football" player from England. I'm guessing when he told his classmates he was going to the States to play Football- this isn't what they had in mind!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Former Bridgton Academy Player in NFL New

Peter Clifford '02 is working to make an impact with the Arizona Cardinals.

Good luck to Peter and Louis Holmes '04 as they work to make it in the NFL.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Practice with Southington High School from CT

The Wolverines spent the afternoon practicing with Southington High School from CT, running drills and holding a short scrimmage. It was a good opportunity for both teams to get a look at their players and teams as a whole.

Bridgton Academy will host their first game of the season at home against Husson College on September 7th on Ellis-Fisher Field at 1pm. Husson College is coached a a number of Bridgton Academy Alumni, and it should be a great game.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Player Profile- Matt Gallery and Alex Frazier

Matt Gallery a 6'2", 280lb center from Chicago Illinois.

WF- What do you think of Bridgton so far?
MG-it's good, a new experience, new people, new coaches, getting to know everyone- both the players and the coaches- it's good and the coaches are doing a good job. The days are long and busy!

WF- What position will you play here?
MG- Center.

WF- What are you looking to get out of this year as an athlete?
MG- to overall be a better football player, improve my academics, and get into an Ivy League school.

WF- Once the school year starts what are you looking forward to?
MG- Study hall, making me put in the extra effort that I didn't do in high school. The availability of the teachers, and the small class size.

WF- What does it mean to you to be a Wolverine?
MG- It's early still- but discipline, hard work, keep going- it might be the third practice of the day but you've got to keep going.

Alex Frazier is a 6'4", 205lb tight end from Westfield MA.

WF- What do you think of Bridgton so far?
AF- I like it so far, I like the football facilities, and everyone here takes it very serious. We're putting together a pretty good team.

WF What position will you play here?
AF- Tight end.

WF- What are you looking to get out of this year as an athlete?
AF- Hoping for a full scholarship to play football. I want to improve my academics and my athletics.

WF- Once the school year starts what are you looking forward to?
AF- To learn how to study, hit the books harder and be successful in the classroom.

What does it mean to you to be a Wolverine?
AF- It means a lot, everyone up here takes it very serious, it's only one year, but it's a very important year.

Wolverine Alumni in the media

Bridgton Academy alumni have been popping up in the media lately, a couple that recently came up:

Louis Holmes '04 is trying to make a home in San Fransisco with the 49ers. Here is an excerpt from 49ers Blog and Q&A

"Holmes, who has shown real promise as a pass rusher, is an obvious practice-squad candidate, but the 49ers would risk him being plucked off it by a team with room on its active roster. Banta-Cain disappointed last year with just 3.5 sacks, but he is the most versatile of the bunch and there's a sense that he'll be more effective in a reserve role just as he was in New England. Green has been perhaps the best pass rusher of this latter group. But his versatility is limited and the 49ers know (from history) there's little risk in cutting him and bringing him back midseason if need be. Moore, meanwhile, hasn't shown much of a pass rush and is still very much in learning mode when it comes to coverage duties. He is practice-squad eligible."

Over at Saint Anselm's Mark Wilson '08 and Bryant Lane '07 get a mention in Head Coach Patrick Murphy's pre-season media day video.

Have Wolverine Football alumni news- post a comment and let us know.

We've gotten a request for an audio file of Coach Daley's warrior speech- a request we are working on. Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Weekend

The weekend started off with many wondering where the field was:

The sun did come out and the temperatures climbed, keeping head trainer Mr. Sawicki busy as he moniters the players for any signs of dehydration.

This was also the first time the team donned pads for full contact play. The team is looking good and seems to be taking to Coach Daley's Warrior session at the end of each practice session.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Afternoon Practice

We caught up with Assistant Coach Drew Inzer on Friday before their afternoon practice to get his take on the first couple of days of pre-season. “It’s been good, we haven’t broken up the O and D lines yet, we’re still assessing the skills that they are bringing with them and working to indoctrinate them into the Bridgton way. Everyone is leaning quickly and they seem excited to be a part of BA and Wolverine football. I can tell they are all psyched to get into pads on Sunday, you can just feel the excitement and intensity.”

Coach Inzer with the line

Headmaster Vigneau made his way up to the field to check out the progress and chatted with Head Coach Marcella and Asst. Coach Daley.

Bryan Dewitt of Newport, RI- doing the highstep

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Practice

Blue skies and temperatures in the upper 70's- a perfect day for pre-season football. The Wolverines took the field for an afternoon session that will run right up until the dinner bell.

This was a chance for QB's and receivers to work together, as well as for Coach to see everyone's hands at work.

The team is comprised of players from two countries and 16 different states, with players from as far away as California and Texas as well as players who come right from North Bridgton.

We'll get some insights from Coach in the coming days as to how the team is looking for the upcoming season.

Pre-season Underway

Bridgton Academy Football is underway and the 2008 Wolverines are currently on the field finishing up their first 6am session of the season.

The team was met with pleasant early morning temperatures and blue skies as head coach Rick Marcella led the team through early morning drills.

Check back later today for photos of the afternoon session.

Go Wolverines.