Monday, October 17, 2011

Bridgton Sneaks Past Columbia J.V.

Bridgton Academy drove all the way down to New York City this week to face off against Columbia University. The BA-CU game last year was a barn-burner and this year proved to be just the same.

Bridgton brought their defense up to the plate first with a couple of stops, but eventually Columbia was the first to get on the scoreboard with a field goal making the game 3-0. Bridgton then responded with two touchdowns to make the score 14-3. Columbia answered with a touchdown of their own closing the gap to 14-10 with only a minutes remaining in the first half. The Wolverines then worked their two minute drill to perfection and scored as time ran out to take a 21-10 lead going into the half. Coach Marcella at half time was adamant that the game was not over, "Columbia will find a way to get back into the game."

As Coach Marcella predicted, Columbia did just that. Columbia scored first in the 2nd half making it a 21-17 game. Bridgton came back with a score of their own to make it 28-17. Columbia then scored a touchdown, failing on a two point conversion, to make it 28-23 Bridgton followed by another touchdown to make it 28-30 Columbia. This was their first lead in the game since their first field goal in the first quarter. Columbia's next possession again started well into Bridgton territory. They were looking to score a touchdown and go ahead by two scores, but the Wolverine defense who had played very well all game stopped the Columbia offense in dramatic fashion and forced them to take a field goal to make the score 33-28 Columbia. Poor Special Teams play by Bridgton and great Columbia field position swung the momentum back their way. Bridgton answered back with a touch down of their own in the final minutes of the game to make the score 34-33 Bridgton after a failed two point conversion.

In one last attempt, Columbia drove the ball into BA territory well inside field goal range. Bridgton defense had a huge sack which pushed Columbia out of field goal range and made it fourth down. Columbia’s throw was incomplete and the Wolverines took over to finish the game with a final score of Bridgton 34, Columbia 33.

Bridgton will travel to Brown University next Sunday, a game that has proven to be tough battle every year. Kick off is set for 1:00 P.M.

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