Monday, December 12, 2011

Seth Sheridan Pushes Through To A Unique Graduation

Seth Sheridan (Ashburnham, MA) came to Bridgton Academy in the fall of 2010 in order to regain the strength he had lost after a life changing knee injury.

Not wanting to give up, Seth made the decision to attend Bridgton Academy in order to open up new options for the following year. Shortly after arriving on campus, Seth's worst nightmare came true -- another knee injury. Seth returned home for the remainder of the semester for more surgery and rehab.

A few months later, Seth returned to campus, never wanting to quit. He acknowledged how easy it would have been to simply give up. Instead, Seth worked harder than anyone could imagine. He spent all of his free time in the weight room training to be the best he could be. He even stayed after class everyday to complete a year long course in one semester.

Seth saw the opportunity that was laid out for him, and took full advantage of it. His time at BA was unique, starting in January of 2011 and ending that next December. This past week in Chapel, Dean of Students Fletcher Carr and Headmaster Grady Vigneau presented Seth with his well earned diploma.

All faculty, staff, and coaches are happy to see the progress Seth has made and the success he has found. Seth will start at either the University of New Hampshire or Arizona State University in January, where he will work hard to walk onto the football team.

Here is a quick video from Seth's Graduation!

Congratulations and Best of Luck!!!

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