Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day of Triple Sessions

The Wolverines wrap up their last day of triple sessions as tomorrow the rest of the class of 2009 arrive on campus, an exciting day here in North Bridgton. Starting next week these young men get underway with the academics that they came here for and they quickly learn how to balance school, football, and daily life.

Skyler Schlenker (#46), of Hanover, NH- leading the team through Bridgton Jacks

Head Football Coach Rick Marcella getting ready for practice

Coach Burgess working the running backs on a drill

Buddy Leathley (#4) one of the Wolverine QB's running a drill

Giovanni Clayborne (#36), Craig Richardson (#54) and Jordan Bean (#53) working out with Coach Daley keeping watch.

Thomas Whyld (#12) our "football" player from England. I'm guessing when he told his classmates he was going to the States to play Football- this isn't what they had in mind!


Anonymous said...

We knew exactly what Tom meant when he said he was going to Bridgton to play 'Football'!

Hope that he does Britball, ALL his coaches (Past & Present), the school and himself proud!!

Go Tom!!

Coach Lambert
Bristol Aztecs-BAFL Premier(UK)

soohara said...

Glad to see Tom is enjoying his football.

I visited Bridgton 12 days ago, met with the coaching staff & watched practice. I know Tom will do well, as he gets on with everyone.
Good luck for the rest of the season.

Coach O'Hara
Offensive Line Coach
Bristol Aztecs-BAFL Premier (UK)