Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Afternoon Practice

We caught up with Assistant Coach Drew Inzer on Friday before their afternoon practice to get his take on the first couple of days of pre-season. “It’s been good, we haven’t broken up the O and D lines yet, we’re still assessing the skills that they are bringing with them and working to indoctrinate them into the Bridgton way. Everyone is leaning quickly and they seem excited to be a part of BA and Wolverine football. I can tell they are all psyched to get into pads on Sunday, you can just feel the excitement and intensity.”

Coach Inzer with the line

Headmaster Vigneau made his way up to the field to check out the progress and chatted with Head Coach Marcella and Asst. Coach Daley.

Bryan Dewitt of Newport, RI- doing the highstep

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