Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010-2011 Football Banquet

Coach Marcella opened the 2010-2011 football banquet presentation by thanking his colleagues within the Bridgton Academy community for their continued support and "enabling us to offer the quality programs that we do".

He continued "Most importantly, thank you parents for entrusting your sons to us. This is a very unique environment----we are vastly different from traditional prep schools that attempt to integrate 5 Post Graduate Football players into a High School setting. Many of you could have sent your sons to such schools----- and they would have played 90% of every game by acclimation. But you chose instead to send them North—into our college-like environment where they had to earn their way onto the field. I’m sure some of parents fielded the call “Come get me—NOW!” Yet you resisted---and prepared to barnstorm with us across New England all fall---keeping our legions well-fed,---and made some new friends in the process."

"At BA-in every sport, we play to win. But winning is just a by-product of our other goals and priorities, of which there are many. I'd like to talk about just a few:

Responsibility-to yourself: To each day give it your best effort-to work to improve. Responsibility to your teammates: To show up-ON TIME-To execute your assignments, and to play your role-remembering the mantra-“Don’t count the plays, make the plays count”!

Time Management-Just follow this simple formula-Up at 5:30 for a 6am lift-3 Classes and a lab before a 20 minute lunch-Last Class ends @ 2:45-On the field by 3:15-Off by 5:50 for a 6 O’clock meal that ends at 7. Study hall 7:30-9:30—Check-in at 10:30-Piece of cake!

Consistency-Anyone can do it once. Executing a block---Making a tackle---catching a pass---keeping contain---going to class---getting extra help---completing assignments on time----these things are of little value unless done with consistency.

Respect-for your teammates—for your coaches—your opponents—the officials—(Remember-Only Coach Daley gets to berate the officials!)---Respect for —your classmates—your instructors—and certainly yourself.

I am convinced, that Bridgton Academy works,…..not because we put the student in the Student / Athlete ……BA works because we bring the student OUT in the Student/Athlete.
Before the assistant coaches made their presentations, Coach Marcella shared this with the audience:

"I consider myself very fortunate to work with these gentlemen. The game of football places incredible demands upon the men carrying clipboards & wearing the whistles around their necks. Rather than talk about how many hours they put into daily & weekly preparation, ......or their associated job descriptions as fathers, dorm heads, teachers, and advisors ---I will just say that what impresses me the most about these gentlemen, is their passion for utilizing the game of football as a vehicle through which they help take 50 kids fresh out of high school -----and turn them into ready-for-college young men. "

The Staff presented the following awards to select members of the 2010 team that posted a 6-4 record.


Offensive Line-James Krebs (Carver HS/Carver, MA)

Defensive Line-Troy Moore (St. John’s High/Worcester, MA)

Linebacker-Jeremy Leggerio (Connetquot HS/Bohemia, NY)

Offensive Back-Jacob Grills (East Lyme HS/Niantic, CT)

Defensive Back-Sir-Tay Jackson (New Rochelle HS/New Rochelle, NY)

Wide Receiver - Stephen Sweeney (Don Bosco HS/Mahwah, NJ)

The Coaches Awards: These awards are aptly named. They are voted on by the staff collectively.

The Criteria is pretty “Old School” --It's OK if the kid is a great player ----but not the top priority. He should be an individual who brings a passion for the game with him every day-----he is respectful to his coaches and his teammates------ a young man who can be counted upon to do the right thing, and one we all enjoy working with.

We had an outstanding group of young men, many, many worthy of recognition. That said , I ‘m proud to present the 2010 FB Coaches Awards to:

Jonathan Winbush (Xaverian/Mansfield, MA)

Derek Karr (Littleton HS/Littleton, MA)

The Wolverine Award: This is based upon a pen & ink drawing that hangs in the FB Office. It depicts a Wolverine ready to do battle in the wild, underneath which reads this description:

"Utterly fearless, he neither asks or gives quarter. He can and will fight anything anywhere. As he ruches into combat, he growls & cries--No matter what the odds, he never gives ground. It is Victory or Death."

This is the sophomore year of tradition that began last year. In my mind, this is the most prestigious award given today because it is voted on by the recipient’s teammates. On a moments notice, I asked the team to vote for the one individual who best fits that description and embodied what the game of Football is all about:


A testament to the team that 15 different players received votes-including: Balligeron-Bates-Bumpus-Day-Demarco-Gouveia-Jackson-Karr-Leggerio-Marsiglia-R-Reed-Shuler-Winbush

Recipient: Troy Moore (St. John’s High/Worcester, MA)

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