Monday, September 8, 2008

Photos from Sunday's Game vs. Husson

A few shots from yesterday's game that went in Bridgton's favor. A good game on both sides of the ball and a great way to start the season. Click here for video highlights. scroll down to video and click on Football.

The handshake after the coin toss.

The 2008 Season kicks off with Mitchell Ryder putting the ball in play.

Early in the game Alex Frazier helped Bridgton move the ball with good yards after the catch.

Fazier heads for the sideline with #8 trying to close the gap.

Making the defender miss.

Staying inbounds for the extra yards

The defense didn't let Husson make much progress

Joe Madonna #57 nearly gets a block on a Husson punt.

Anthony Jimenez makes a cut...

...and picks up a block.

In the second half the Wolverines didn't let up the pressure offensively or defensively.
The Wolverine defense never let Husson get into a rhythm.

Bryan Tedford and #50 Francis McGrath team up on a tackle.

#75 R.J. Kelly picks up a fumble and begins a long run to the end zone.

Kelly not slowing down.

Kelly and linebacker Julian McClain (#25) celebrate in the end zone before the play is called back for an illegal block in the back.

The offensive line getting some mid game coaching from Coach Inzer.

Tanner Boucher #11 under center.

Isish Kempf #1 looking for a receiver down field.

Shane Ferguson #19, looking for space.

Final score.

The battle is left on the field.

The Wolverines celebrate their first win of the season, 1-0 a great start.

Bridgton Academy has a strong tradition of coaching in its alumni ranks. From left to right: Husson head football coach Gabby Price '68, Tom Daley '05 senior at Colby and recently named captain, BA assistant coach Pat Shairs '02, Patrick Daley (current student athlete), BA assistant coach Joe Daley '77, Lewiston High School head football coach Bill County '77, BA assistant coach Matt Burgess '88, Husson assistant coach Walter Polky '02, and Husson assistant coach Nat Clark '96.

Look for a stats recap soon.

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