Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wolverine Athletes of the Month- Giovanni Clayborne and Matt Gallery

Giovanni Clayborne (left) and Matt Gallery (right) were our September 2008 Athletes of the Month!! Congratulations!

Wolverine blog had a chance to speak to both Matt and Giovanni about winning the award in addition to some of their thoughts about BA...

Why Bridgton Academy?

Giovanni Clayborne- I chose to come to BA to prepare myself for college both academically and athletically. It was a place I knew had a great football program and would let me find my way both in the classroom, and on the football field.

Matt Gallery- I wanted to come to BA so I could work on getting my scores up and continue to develop as a football player in hopes of playing for an Ivy League school.

What are you looking to take with you from your time here at BA?

Gallery- I’m looking to gain more knowledge in general, develop better study habits, and improve my skills as a football player.

Clayborne- What I’m learning about structure, how to keep my priorities in order, and the importance of some things that are sometimes overlooked like appearance, a strong handshake, good eye contact, things like that.

What kind of changes were you hoping to make?

Clayborne- The main changes were academically, learning to do things for a reason to better myself, not just because I have to. That sense of pride you get from being on the football field has carried over into the classroom for me.

Gallery- I’m just looking to improve my study skills and the way I go about getting my work done, and from a football perspective I have been working on getting bigger, faster, and stronger to play at the highest level possible.

What would you tell someone considering coming to Bridgton Academy?

Gallery- I would tell them that it is definitely a good idea, that from BA you will really learn to apply yourself and learn to work for things you get, that things won’t be just handed to you. You will really be amazed at what you are able to accomplish with the extra effort.

Clayborne- I’d tell them that this really is the year that makes the difference. It’s all what you make of it, if you work at it and push yourself academically and athletically it will all pay off.

What does it mean to you to be honored as Athlete of the Month?

Clayborne- It was really unexpected but it means a lot. It means that all of the hard work I have been putting in is really paying off and its great to be recognized for it, everything doesn’t just get swept under the rug like its no big deal.

Gallery- Well for starters I was shocked, I’m an offensive lineman and we aren’t usually recognized with these kinds of awards. It was definitely a pleasant surprise, all the congratulations I’ve been getting from people have really made me feel good, its been pretty cool.

Is there a relationship you have developed with anyone at BA that has surprised you in any way?

Gallery- Coach Inzer has been a nice surprise, he’s a really great coach and I can relate well to his style of coaching. He’s also been a big help to me with my Ivy League aspirations since he played at Brown. It’s been a pleasant surprise to have him as a coach.

Clayborne- The relationship I have with Coach Marcella, he’s always been straight forward and honest, he’s really made me feel comfortable here and is always pushing me to get better. Whether its on the football field or in school. I know he will do anything he can to help me and that means a lot.

On the football side of things, how is football here different then anywhere else you’ve experienced?

Clayborne- The competition is much different, it’s a much higher level. It’s not like high school when you are playing against people younger then you, everyone you play against is a man. Also the coaching is phenomenal, this is the best coaching I’ve ever had it really feels like you are playing college football.

Gallery- The biggest difference has been that in high school you are teammates with guys for four years, here you have a matter of weeks to get to know your teammates before you take the field with them. Also here we aren’t playing for any kind of playoffs or state championship like in high school so that’s pretty different as well.

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