Friday, April 1, 2011

Player Profile: Brett Smith

HOMETOWN: Bloomfield Hills, MI

HIGH SCHOOL: Detroit Country Day

IN HIGH SCHOOL: I was too much of an athlete. I didn’t focus on school work and focused too much on friends

HEARD ABOUT BA: My high school advisor and lacrosse coach graduated from BA in ’71 and suggested it might be a good fit for me

GOALS AT BA: I want to do every homework assignment and turn them in on time as well as have above a 3.0

BA IS DIFFERENT THAN HIGH SCHOOL: It’s a community where you live in dorms with some of your teachers and see them throughout the day so they are more than just a figure in the classroom.

BEST THING ABOUT BA: You really know your teachers

WORST THING ABOUT BA: There is no city for miles that you can walk to!

ACTIVITIES AT BA: Football, Rugby, Deans Council

OUTSIDE OF BA: I like to hang out, play video games, and talk to friends


FAVORITE BOOK: The Last Lecture- Randy Pausch

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Michigan State Football


FAVORITE MUSIC: Dave Matthews Band

FAVORITE MEAL: Waffles with hash browns and an omelet

MY FRIENDS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: I was in the middle school choir

BA PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW: Make the most out of your time here and get homework and anything else done that you need to do

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